B.Arch Des, M.Arch

reg. 18672 (VIC)
reg. 9683 (NSW)
reg. 3359 (WA)

Matt grew up on the East coast of Australia, split between the rugged coastline of South Coast NSW and the pristine beaches and hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Grewing up surrounded by beautiful landscape, one a rural/coastal setting, the other a suburban setting on the edge of a lake. By living in these houses Matt developed a strong appreciation for typology and context.

Born the son of a concreter, Matt was exposed to the workings of the construction site from a young age, working with the materials and tools first hand. These experiences imbedded a strong respect for the hard labour and craftsmanship required to produce even the simplest building.

Matt is influenced heavily by the use of common construction techniques and ordinary materials, combined with good proportion and well considered planning. He believes these common elements can create extraordinary results, without extravagant budgets.

Matt has extensive experience in Residential, Multi-residential, Hospitality and Commercial projects, along with the complex sloping sites and working in BAL40-BALFZ Bush fire zones. Most importantly Matt has a strong passion for exploring the Architectural potential in projects of any scale, large or small.